Gaining weight is harrowing. It not only slowly chips away on the way we see ourselves it hacks on our self-worth and health. Being obese or overweight has numerous physiological and psychological effects. But the good news is that there are some yoga weight loss techniques that work wonders. A simple glance at the numerous articles on proves that yoga not only heals but also brings the body back to better shape. Here the discussion is not only about yoga but about power yoga and the ways its can help lose weight faster. When the goal is to trim the body or tone the muscles in a small span of time the trick is to pick up the pace of yoga. Research proves that by practicing an asana or salutation faster 100%, more calories are burned, and twice the amount of muscles are used.

The simplest reason power yoga leads to weight loss is because it is a cardiovascular workout. It builds not only the stamina of the body; it makes the body stronger, more flexible and raises the internal heat which burns fat. With a mix of cardio workout and aerobics, power yoga is a full body workout. This is why it has been gaining popularity all over the world. It is a mix of traditional yoga with a modern touch where fitness is the key goal. If you are one of those individuals who love to sweat it out, power yoga is your way to weight loss.

Another reason power yoga helps reduce weight is because it takes away any stress and tension. Stress and anxiety are some of the major reasons of weight gain. When the core problem is removed, the body begins to lose weight. Power yoga makes the body and minds calm and relaxed. It makes the mind more focused on issues that are important. A good advantage of practicing power yoga is that it increases the internal heat of the body. This boosts metabolism which results in weight loss. With power yoga, a body used even the most inactive muscles making them more toned and fit. It also strengthens the muscles increasing inner power.

Creating lean and fit muscles is one of the cores to losing weight. Higher metabolism due to power yoga means that the amount of fat a body burn is much, much more than cardio exercise. With cardio, the body burns calories and depletes the muscle reserve. Consequently, it is not a good exercise regime for a long-term weight loss. While power yoga will help you remove excess fat.

A key point that most yoga experts emphasize on is that for beginners don’t plunge into power yoga headlong. Begin at a moderate pace like a holding one pose for three breaths. It is only after you have become comfortable with this pace that you should move towards a faster speed. The end goal is to hold one pose for one breath. With practice, the speed and ease will increase automatically.