The most important and prominent appliance in your kitchen is the cooktop. Cooking range is an ideal choice for compact homes with space issues and it makes the cooking experience easy and convenient. Like all other gadgets, these cooking units also require regular cleaning and periodic maintenance and overhauling, to ensure smooth functioning and durability. While general cleaning can be taken care by the owner himself, but for repairs and servicing of various components, you would require professional expertise. For oven repair perth is one of the best places, as services can be easily availed, using various online directories and looking for brand-specific AMC packages. Some people even look at sites like for advice regarding this.

Exploring The Working Of The Cooking Range

A cooking range is a single compact unit which has two major components- Stove which the cooktop including four to six burners with a gas connection or electric ignition option. It is used for basic cooking processes like boiling, frying, pressure cooking etc. The other part which is generally located below the gas top is the oven. This enclosed device is used for specialized cooking techniques like baking, grilling, roasting etc.

Selecting The Best Amongst The Lot

With various designs, patterns and innovative features available in the kitchen appliance market, you may get confused while choosing the best kitchen range that suit your needs. Let review few cleaning and maintenance tips which you can conveniently perform at home.

There are numerous parts in the stovetop and oven, therefore let us consider each one of them one by one.

1. Gas stove burners and metal frames holding them:

Stainless steel tops should be cleaned using heavy duty degreaser location and non-abrasive cleaning pad. Dipping the burner parts of the gas stove into hot water for some time can also help separate the grease and blockage in the vents of the burner.

2. Electric or induction stovetop:

In case of electric or induction stove top, one should be careful with using water. In case it seeps into the holes, it may cause a short circuit and damage the ignition system. Rather you should use razor scrapers along with stovetop cleaning liquid to remove the stubborn food deposits. For the rest area use scratch free pad. To ensure the cleaning stays for some time, apply cooktop protectant at the end.

3. Control panel:

Often while cooking we tend to put our dirty hands onto the controlling knobs to maintain the flame or heat of the stovetop. Therefore, after some time these knobs also become sticky and greasy. Should avoid using heavy duty scrubbers and applying extra pressure while cleaning these knobs, as this can wear off the decal indicator which specifies the level of flame or temperature set. If that gets erased, then the complete panel needs to be replaced.

4. Oven interiors and exteriors:

Let the oven cool down, switch off the power and then spray the cleaning lotion at all the fours surfaces of the oven, let it stay that way for some time a then wipe it off using a clean dry cloth. Racks used for grilling and roasting get sticky and dirt gets into the difficult areas which are troublesome removing through the scrub. The right way is to soak it in soapy water for few minutes and then, using regular kitchen scrub, remove the dirt.

Certain ovens come with the self-cleaning mechanism, where the interior of the oven is taken to such a high temperature that it incinerates the food particles and spills. One should strictly follow the operation manual to perform this feature efficiently and safely.

For any electrical fault or operational failure, hire a repair agency. Asking them to send their technician across and repair the electric parts is always advisable.