A dog is a man’s best friend, spinal surgery or a hip replacement for a dog is pretty bad as its primary activity of mobility is curbed. A handicapped pet will not only make the dog frustrated, but we would also feel irritated over a point of time. The best way to restore mobility back to the dog is with the help of a dog’s wheelchair. It is most useful and economical solution available to make the dog active again. Helping the dog regain his mobility back is probably the best gift you could give to your dear pet. There are many dog wheelchair for sale on the market, but choosing the best for your dear one is vital. Find out more about dog care from the link. There are ample benefits of dogs wheelchair, but only four of them will be discussed here.

Rehabilitation for your dog: After the surgery, the dog has to put his weight on one-off its legs, which would make the dog tired. A wheelchair will benefit the dog by removing that weight and balancing it with the help of the wheelchair. This will not only give the confidence back to the dog but also make sure that there is no further loss of muscle in the dog which might cause further complications. You can give him the required exercise without fear.

Arthritis: Once your dog gets older, he/she is prone to early stages of arthritis which can be assisted with the help of the wheelchair. This use of a wheelchair will enable you to take your dog for a long walk without worrying that he will take a break due to his ill health.

Three Legged Dog: A dog with three legs can now comfortably function without its fourth leg. The wheelchair would remove the excess burden fallen on the other three legs and ensure that the dog never feels tired or is reminded of the fourth leg. This would be the best gift for your faithful pet when he is struggling.

Paralysis: It’s possible to give some relief to your dog when he has paralysis. The only way is the wheelchair. If the dog’s legs are strong enough to pull the wheelchair, there couldn’t be a better option other than to give your dog the wheelchair. This will support him and make the dog happy and active.

There are four types of wheelchairs:
Rear Wheel cart-this wheelchair supports the rear legs of the dog. Therefore the name of the cart goes thus.
Front Wheel Cart: This wheelchair supports the dog’s damaged front legs.
Saddle Support: The dog’s legs go through the rings offering your dog the saddle seat.
Oued Carts: Quadriplegic dog can be pulled easily in the wheelchair. This would offer great comfort to the dog as his entire weight is pulled by the wheelchair.

However good the wheelchairs are for the dogs, there are few problems associated with it they are:
Practice: Dogs take their own time to get used to the wheelchair can take a few days or few weeks to get adjusted to the foreign body.
Direction: The dog might move backward in a wheelchair especially when it tries to sit down.
First Time uses: There are chances for your dog to get scared of the wheelchair when he tries to use it for the first time. It is essential to coaxing your pet to use them and make sure to get rid of the fear.