C-sections: No Need To Worry

Childbirth is one of the most blessed miracles of life. Imagine the pure joy that comes with bringing a tiny being into the world, and that too, after undergoing many hardships!

Today, childbirth is no longer as risky as it once was. Specialist healthcare professionals and hospitals that boast of state-of-the-art facilities have ensured that both mother and baby remain safe and sound. At times, however, the birthing process may get a little bit too complicated, necessitating the need for life saving Cesarean section, popularly known as c section.

Let’s take a brief look at what a C-section is, and what are the factors that you need to take into consideration while opting to give birth via C-section.

What’s A Cesarean Section?
According to www.livestrong.com, a C-section is a medical procedure that facilitates the delivery of the baby via a surgical cut, made in the stomach, and subsequently, the uterus of the expectant mother. The name does bear close resemblance to that of the famous Roman general, Julius Caesar. Legend has it that Caesar’s ancestors had undergone this procedure, thereby making this one of the oldest known surgical procedures in the world.

C-sections are usually scheduled when it becomes impossible to undergo normal vaginal birthing process, or when a sudden complication has occurred.

Given below are few of the situations that necessitate the use of C-sections for birth.

Multiple Babies
Are you carrying more than one child? If the ultrasound you took shows twins, triplets, etc. then it might be best to opt for a C-section procedure, so as to ensure the well-being of the mother and babies.

Pregnancy might trigger the occurrence of diabetes in the mother. If this happens, chances are that the baby being carried may become significantly larger than the average babies born. The birth weight of such babies will usually be more than 3 kg or 8 lb. Such babies cannot be delivered via a vaginal birth, thus prompting the need for C-sections.

Breech Birth
During normal delivery, the head of the baby appears first, followed by the torso, and then the bottom and legs. A breech baby lies in the transverse position, whereby the bottom would emerge first before the head. This birth position at the time of delivery is quite risky, and most doctors prefer C-sections in such cases.

Foetal Distress
At times, the baby’s heartbeat may show variations, i.e., it could speed up, or slow down. Perhaps, the umbilical cord has prolapsed, or the baby has suddenly stopped moving. In such cases, the life of the baby, and even the expectant mother, will be seen as in immediate danger, and doctors will advise emergency C-section to save both lives.

Previous Birth By C-section
Usually, if the mother has already had a C-section in the past, then the next one will probably be the same, so as to avoid the chances of a ruptured uterus.

What To Expect?
The whole process could be quite overwhelming to mothers. However, rest assured, this is one of the safest surgeries being practised today. Make it a point to ask your gynecologist for more details, as this will help you be mentally prepared if the situation so arises.

Tips For Building The First Home

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Nowadays, many people want to have a pet. A first-time home builder should consider various aspects if he or she is sure about having the pet(s). Pet dander and paw prints are something common in all the homes with a pet. Therefore, the floor should be designed or installed in such a way that they could be cleaned easily. One should also have provision to keep the pet accessories and toys. Some dogs love to bath, while some may not. Some builders suggest building a deeper bath, which makes bathing easier for the pet. Having a hot water outlet in the yard can also make bathing the pets easier. It is good to have an exclusive location or enclosure for the pets with lots of fur or feather. Giving an exclusive space for your pet can make living more easy and convenient.

Painting a home is something that is highly inevitable. Choosing the right color scheme after thoughtful consideration can make lots of difference positively. Bright and great colors can make the home interior vibrant, while the neutral tones render a calm and timeless feel. The color scheme should also complement the lighting and other fixtures and décor items. The exterior color can be chosen according to the neighborhood and other factors. The quality of exterior should be of good quality so that it can withstand stain, abuse, temperature and other elements.

To get more ideas for building your first home, you can just browse the Internet. There are many free guides available on the Internet. You can also interact with other home builders and owners to get more ideas and suggestions in this regard.