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Now we must be aware of the various ways of how to care for the Kratom plants. Kratom plants are herbal plants which grow extremely well in their natural habitat. These plants are good survivors they can manage to survive even without sunlight for about a week or so. But they need water most of the time, and damp soil is a must for their proper growth. In case you want to grow a Kratom plant in your garden. You will have to put particular efforts and take some actions. Good things do not come your way so easily. You will first need to order it online on the sites mentioned above.

They will pack the plant in a box and dump the roots properly because this plant can go for days without sunlight but not water and soil. This must always be kept in mind for its proper growth and survival. As soon as, the plant you ordered reaches your doorsteps, you must carefully put it into a pot which is full of damp soil. The soil must contain less of clayey soil because this plant needs to be oxidized moist soil. After you have potted it properly place the pot in an airy place. The plant needs sunlight but make sure not to place it in direct sunlight for continuous hours. Continuous exposure to sunlight will damage the plant. It will also hamper its growth.

They are healthy plants, and the speed of their growth is fast. After a week you will notice that the roots of the Kratom plants have started coming out of the pot in which you potted it. You will now need to shift this plant to another bigger pot to ensure proper growth of the plant. It needs all nutrients from soil to grow well. So, make sure to add less of clayey soil and more of red soil. Shifting of Kratom plant from the old pot to new pot should be done with utmost care. A minute damage to the roots will lead to hampering of the entire plant. You must be extremely careful while doing so.

If you see red or brown spots on its leaf, this means that the Kratom plant is being exposed to too much of direct sunlight which is a sign you must change the place of your pot. You should be careful and keep a keen watch on the plant. You will need to care a lot for the kratom in the early stages. It makes sense to gather data about the optimum conditions for growth of a kratom plant. Usage of the collected data sustainably and reasonably to ensure maximum growth is also vital.